A few quotes from our passengers' comments book...


Brett, I was very impressed with your obvious effort to provide a quality tour for your guests.  Your level of energy, enthusiasm, friendliness and knowledge was above any that I have experienced.  I highly recommend you and would love to have had someone like you working for me! Men like you who give every effort they have are hard to find.

-- Gary Willeford, Texas USA

I'm speechless!! It was perfect! Thank you Brett, so much for the wonderful day! :)

-- Magy Ivanove, Tully QLD

Fantastic tour - thanks for a memorable day

-- Heath Black, Cairns QLD

I saved the best for last!  Great job - thank you!

-- Vargas & Maya, Puertorica

We finally got to see something real in Australia! Bravo. Your excitement as a tour guide was commendable.

-- Rob & Linda, California USA

Thanks a lot.  this was one of the most interesting tours I did in Cairns.

-- Stephan Miller, Feldberg, Germany

A wonderful day. Anyone with an interest in Fauna & Flora should do this trip,  Unbelievable views.

-- Roz & Phil, UK

Super Day, Super food!  This tour is a must do.  Thanks Brett.

-- Alicia & Gerald, Manchester

Having a passionate driver made for an excellent and interesting day

-- Eric & Julie, Quebec

Paronella Park was fascinating; the trip really informative and enjoyable and the driver top class.  Thank you.

-- Alma & Dauko, Perth WA

Absolutely fabulous day

-- A & M Prasad, Gold Coast QLD

Castle was incredible, Brett made the tour!

-- Victoria, Arizona

A well balanced tour - your commentary and knowledge made all the difference

-- Stuart, Melbourne VIC